Project 1: Flier


Olivia Flier Project

Description: Black and white flier to promote Vouant Communication’s graduate leadership conference.

Process: I first sketched out on paper potential layouts I wanted to use. I then chose my favorite design and starting working in Adobe Indesign. I used the black boxes at the top and bottom to bring in repetition. I used contrast in the graduate leadership box to bring attention to the flier. By bolding and making the word graduate the biggest I made it my vocal point for the intended audience. The right space of my flier has white space in the body copy and I used small font to not crowd the flier. For this flier I was given the logo, image, and content.

Message: I am trying to reach students who recently graduated and would like to attend a conference with people who are like them wanting to gain a competitive edge in leadership skills in the workplace.

Audience: Graduates aging from 22-30

Top Thing Learned: How to appropriately use white space.

Title Font Name & Category: Minion Pro – Oldstyle

Copy Font Name & Category: Century Gothic – Sans Serif

Links to images used in this project: 1.


2 thoughts on “Project 1: Flier

  1. I really like your flier. I’m really liking the left alignment, I think it makes the flier look neat and clean. I also Like the transparent box I think it is a cool affect that makes your flier appealing. I love your font choice I think it looks very professional. And I also like your use of white space I think it does a good job of creating visual flow.


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