Project 2 Event Ad

Project 2 - Event Ad-page-001 (1)

Description: This is a color full bleed event ad, to promote a 5K using a scanner and Microsoft Word.

Process :  I first scanned the image of the 3 boys and then started thinking of my color scheme. I then added boxes and typed out what I wanted the flier to say. The blue boxes are identical to add repetition. I then tried different fonts to see which one would work best. After I aligned the titles with each other and the body copy at the bottom using the ruler on Microsoft Word. I also aligned the text copy with the date time and place. I used contrast to add value in the all of the text boxes by making the boxes a lighter blue and then using a darker orange. To make this finished product I only used Microsoft Word, Epson Scanner, (PDF converter).

Message: This is a fundraiser to bring awareness to bullying for kids and teenagers in their home area. I want my audience to look at this flier and think about how they can be apart of something that can help change their community.

Audience: Everyone in the community, particularly families that have children in all levels of school.

Color scheme and color names: Complementary, Blue and Orange

Top Thing Learned: How to use the color wheel.

Title Font Name & Category: Rockwell – Slab Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Helvetica – Sans Serif

Scanned images used, sources, original sizes, location of scanner used:                                I scanned my image from the October 2015 Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints Ensign magazine. The image was originally 10.75′ x 8.25′. I then scanned the image at 150 resolution. The image final scan was 1275″ x 1686″


2 thoughts on “Project 2 Event Ad

  1. Olivia, I really like this. The dark contrast is just fantastic. It really demonizes bullying. Great. This makes me never want to be associated with bullying. Nice short message. I like your color scheme, and I really like that it matches the mood of your picture. I mean, if it is a local thing, the colors would even draw in some Boise State fans. I would maybe suggest a different body font. It’s not that this one doesn’t work, I just think there might be a little better one.
    Here is a link to my post, if you want to check it out:
    Feel free to leave a comment!


  2. Olivia, your Event Ad is awesome. Its actually super inspiring and tugs at the heart strings a little. Where did you get the picture for your ad? What made you decide to use bullying as your theme? If nothing else I think this should be an actual event. The pictures makes you feel like you are part of it and the bars that you put across the ad were perfect, they gave the information but didn’t detract from the actual message. Powerful message!


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