P3 Activity: Photography

OliviaAnderson-01-Light-Outside                                                                Light 1: Outside

OliviaAnderson-02-Light-inside                                                                   Light 2 – Inside

OliviaAnderson-04-Foreground                                                          Focus 1 – Foreground

OliviaAnderson-03-Background                                                            Focus 2 – Background

OliviaAnderson-05-Thirds                                                       Composition 1 – Thirds

OliviaAnderson-06-Lead-Room                                                Composition 2 – Lead Room

I loved being able to work with a high quality camera. For the first image I focused on the sky and used photoshop to lighten the photo and help bring out the blue sky. I then took a photo inside my car using natural light to shine on the steering wheel, speedometer, and gauges. For the focus I chose a truck light and used metering to get the truck light up close. I then took the metering off and put the camera focus on the background.

I love taking pictures of old, rustic places and buildings. To show the rule of thirds with the railroad I positioned the camera low so where the road ends and the sky meets would be in the top of the picture. I also chose the camera angle to have the tower on the left and I edited the photo in photoshop to remove the words “scare tower”. In the lead room photo I parked my car to be on the left of the photo and facing toward my camera. This allowed me to have plenty of lead room in the photo.


2 thoughts on “P3 Activity: Photography

  1. Love your pictures! good work fulfilling the requirements and in such a creative way! I especially liked your foreground and background pictures contrasting between the truck and cars behind, you have a good eye for angles. I also liked the edits that you made playing around with the lighting and color, very nicely done.


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