Project 5: Logos


Description: Logo for a Burger Restaurant.

Process: I first sketched out different logo ideas and then chose my top three favorite and created them on Adobe Indesign. I then took a vote on which one of the three design was the most popular.  On this project I worked with different fonts that would appeal to my audience and work with the design. I used layering on the burger to put each “food” together and I wanted the burger to stand out so I added different colors to it and made the logo fun. I also aligned the “burger “with the rest of the word burger. In my last step I took the winning logo and and put it with a different font color and background.

Program Used: Adobe Illustrator

Message: Burger square has the best burgers in town.

Audience: Young adults and families who love to eat burgers.

Top Thing Learned: How to layer objects in Illustrator.

Color Scheme: Tetradic Color Names: Green, Blue, Orange, Red

Font Names & Category: Kudajets – Sans Serif

#2 Font Name & Category: Superclarendon – Slab Serif


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