Project 6: Stationery



Business Card:


Business Card (Large Layout)

OlivaAndersonDescription: A personal created logo with a matching business card and letterhead.

Process: I first sketched out on paper different designs for a logo. I then created the logo on Adobe Illustrator. I used a square and rectangle for the top of the dress and a square for the bottom. I then converted the square to look like the bottom of a dress.

Next I saved my design and opened a two page document in Adobe Indesign. I then started on my business card and made two cards 3.5′ x 2′. I then placed my logo on the top of the front of my card and added my business information. I contrasted my name in 12 point font with the body being in 8 point font. I added the light pink box to bring attention to my information. For the back of my card I changed my font on my logo to white and placed it card.

On the second page for my letter head I first placed my logo in the left corner leaving plenty of space by the edges. Next I added my information again making my name bigger. I then added a light pink box that would make a full bleed off of the letter head. I also added a indigo line to bring emphasis to my name. I made that line on the bottom as well to bring repetition. 

Message: For women who are getting married that want to buy their wedding dress at a professional yet fun boutique in the heart of Dallas Texas.

Audience: Any woman age 18 – 30 who is getting married.

Top Thing Learned: How to create a letterhead for a company.

Color scheme: Analagous Color names:  Indigo, Purple, Violet

Title Font Name & Category: Florence – Serif

Copy Font Name & Category: Raspoutine Medium – Sans Serif


4 thoughts on “Project 6: Stationery

  1. Hey Olivia I really liked your stationery! First off, the color scheme is very appealing and appropriate for your company. I love the organization on your card front and back, and that you have one vertically oriented and the other horizontally. I think that makes for a more unique and dynamic business card. I like how the dress is incorporated into the title for the “i”. I can definitely tell it says bridal and you achieved a creative look by making the text have that dress shape in it. I could tell you knew what you were doing with this design and I was very impressed, nice work!

    Check out Blake Clements blog if you get time;


  2. Olivia, this design is awesome! I love your logo and how simple it is. It looks super modern and I can tell what your business is about just by looking at it. I also love the color scheme you used – it really goes with the bridal theme! I like how you used repetition throughout your card and letterhead with the logo and fonts. Overall, your design looks really clean and put together and like a real business card! Good job! Check out Kelsey’s design at:


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