Project 7: Web Page


Description: A web page designed to show and explain a logo I created. 

Process (Programs, Tools, Skills): I used text wrangler to host my HTML and CSS documents. I first made my HTML and then inserted my CSS as a link in the HTML. It was interesting to learn how the two programs work together. I was able to use the Photoshop eye dropper tool to find the exact colors I needed so I could put the correct hex codes into my CSS to match my logo. When I chose my fonts I put backups incase the browser used doesn’t have my first choice of font. For my background I found a free image and inserted it as a jpeg into CSS and positioned it to the correct position. 

Message: Olivia’s Bridal Boutique is for any woman or bridesmaid looking for their perfect dress.

Audience: Women in the Dallas, Texas area and surrounding states.

Top Thing Learned: How to find a image and use it as my background for a website.

Color scheme and color hex(s):  Analogus, Indigo #434099; Purple #623593; Violet #a2278d

Title Font Families & Category: Verdana, Geneva, Sans-Serif: San Serif

Copy Font Families & Category: Palatino Linotype, Book Antiqua, Palatino, serif; Serif 

Changes made to the CSS: I changed the body and heading 2, 3, 4, and 5 font, the background, and color scheme.

Word Count: 323


4 thoughts on “Project 7: Web Page

  1. I love how elegant your website is! The background picture helps your boutique to come alive. I really like your color scheme. I really love how the “I” in bridal is actually a dress. Overall, your website is unique. It is something different, which is great! I also like how you made key words stand out by making them a different color. You should also check out my blog at https://angeliquewinterton.wordpress.com


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